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Published 12th Apr 2017

House of Blah Blah Bright Boys - Camille

The House of Blah Blah is delighted to present Bright Boys by Camille Rouzaud and Harry Garrens.

Reflecting the vibrancy of youth culture, New York based Camille and Middlesbrough’s finest Harry Garrens will showcase their body of exploratory street photography, based around juvenile freedom, nomadic civilizations, space and details of cultures. 

Harry Garrens 

“This body of work I wanted to discuss and communicate what life's like in the north of England for young male adults, and the fragility of males and their relationships with friends and lovers in this day and age. Most of my photos are taken whilst on nights out in Middlesbrough, as I feel that in Middlesbrough and the rest of the north/UK the night out culture is the most prominent for young people to socialise, express themselves and to let go of their inhibitions.
Youth culture being my main subject in my work I want to show how fashion and architecture has a massive part of the ethos and experience of small town England.
With my work I also want to show the DIY spirit of youth and how we use the Tools we’ve got around us to create fun and help pass the time, the DIY aesthetic will be shown in how I present my work in the exhibition. I want to take people on a journey with these photos and show the light and dark sides of the nightlife culture and how this past time that people go through to have fun can have massive impact on their actual day to day lives and how for some people the party never stops”.

Camille Rouzaud

Vogue Italia once described her as 'A torchbearer of freedom and children’s dreams not yet broken'.

Photographer and visual artist born in south of France, Camille spent several years in Barcelona as an art director and began to travel between US & France where she found inspiration in photography. Camille spends time in New York, Puerto Rico & LA producing artwork work and fashion editorials. This will be Camille’s first UK exhibition. 

Rouzauds fascination goes from strength of free bodies to the wrath of certain environment, through simple natural power. Camille’s work has been published in editorials such as PUNKT Magazine & Lomography, as well as exhibiting for Vogue in Milan in 2016. 

“An innovative way of using fashion photography language is increasing in a more deep and revolutionary way, often with a reportage taste, other times even desecrating: wide “forge” of creative energy and mirror of a contemporary culture that lives contradictory and violent social changes. Therefore, today fashion photography is going to be not only an expression of contemporary trends and styles but also (and in particular) as the voice of a young generation that within an historical values’ crisis (or devaluation?) and a change contest looks for an unclear and un-classifying flowing and developing identity”.

The exhibition private view is on May 18th, 7-10pm, open Wed-Fri until June 29th.

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