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Published 4th May 2018

“By joining forces’, we can help set up a team of volunteers who can meet for an hour, every month for an organised litter pick.

Coulby Newhams Parkway Shopping Centre has announced its full support for a fledgling initiative which is set to improve public areas within Hemlington.

The ‘Friends of Hemlington’ working in partnership with the Parkway and local charity support group Cleveland Fire Support Network, have already met with local councillors and representatives of the area support team, to discuss ways in which the ‘Friends of Hemlington’ can improve the area for the entire community.

Zoe France, Centre Manager explains; “We started hearing from the public about the high levels of, litter discarded around parts of the lake. I saw for myself first-hand how untidy some areas were, but I also saw people’s frustration on wanting to do something positive for the environment but feeling helpless”. 

“By joining forces’, we can help set up a team of volunteers who can meet for an hour, every month for an organised litter pick.  This initiative will start 9th May 2018, anyone can join and for those that do help to clean up our area, there’s also the promise of a hot cuppa and cake, paid for by the centre, when we’ve finished!”

Heather Whyman, Chief Executive of Cleveland Fire Support, said; It’s these sorts of initiatives that can really make a difference. If everyone that can help picks up a bit of litter, we could make a massive difference. There’s also the potential for a huge network to grow, ideal for people to get to know other locals, who perhaps otherwise wouldn’t normally get out the house or interact with others”.

Phil Matis, Operations Manager of Churchills added,  “Working in partnership with Parkway Shopping Centre we are committed to our shared goals of assisting and helping in the community. It is an honour to support and get involved with the Friends of Hemlington initiative; This is another great example of Parkway’s dedication to the local area and I have no doubt it will be a successful venture and bring positive change for the residents and visitors alike.”

Zoe continues; We will be installing a suggestion box, within the shopping centre for people to provide their own thoughts on how we can improve the local area. From already speaking with our shoppers we recognise that local people often have the best ideas, and we can help them to become a reality”.

In-time the group hopes to work with schools in the area, to educate the pupils regarding the impact both socially and environmentally of litter and fly tipping.

Anyone wishing to find our more or be involved in the initiative is asked to email the shopping centre at

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