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This Grief Thing is a project that invites people to think, talk and learn about grief.

It takes place in a series of shops where people can have conversations, and buy clothing and objects. It's for people who have experienced grief, and for people who haven’t. 

We’re living at a time when many people find death and grief - our own grief or other people’s - almost impossible to talk about. We don’t know what to say, what to do, or how to act.  So we stay silent, we pretend that grief doesn’t exist, or we hide it.

This Grief Thing pushes against this, by opening up conversations about grief and making it visible.  

How does it do this? 

  • A temporary shop
  • Grief gatherings
  • Billboard and poster campaign

Find out how you can get involved This Grief Thing

Captain Cook Square

Captain Cook Square, in the heart of Middlesbrough, has a wide range of stores and cafes to provide a fantastic shopping experience for all the family.

The centre features many popular shops such as Wilkinson, TK Maxx, That's Entertainment and Waterstones gathered around a picturesque square with ornate glazed canopies.

For a bite to eat or a break from shopping, Captain Cook Square offers a wide range of bakeries and cafes including Thomas the Baker, The Wilko Cafe, and TJ Hughes Cafe. Lloyds Bar also offers family friendly pub meals at reasonable prices.

Offering the best in fashion, beauty, music, books and dining you are sure to find everything you need at Captain Cook Square.